Our team of destination experts takes pride in finding the best boutique hotels and chic retreats that Sri Lanka has to offer. Where possible, we work closely with the hotels in our collection to negotiate great deals for your getaway. Use our exclusive promo codes when you book directly for special benefits and discounts. We also partner with Agoda to ensure you always get the best price.

Is Lanka Hideaways a booking agent?

We are not a booking agent or tour operator. We take pride in finding and featuring our favourite boutique stays and chic retreats in Sri Lanka, as well as providing expert tips and travel advice. We offer our personal recommendations and connect you with the best rates and offers that we can, so that you have all the information and flexibility you need to create your perfect getaway in Sri Lanka.

Who am I booking with?

When you click ‘check availability’ on one of our listings, you will be directed either to the hotel’s own booking system or to the relevant listing on Agoda.

Where possible, we refer you directly to the hotel’s website and provide exclusive promo codes for you to quote at checkout. We work hard to negotiate these special offers, to ensure you’re always getting something extra when you find a hotel through Lanka Hideaways – from welcome drinks to discounts. This way, your booking experience is streamlined and you know that you’re getting a great deal by going direct.

If we haven’t negotiated a unique discount code with a hotel, we instead recommend that you make a booking through Agoda. We partner with Agoda because it offers the best prices, guaranteed, as well as additional offers, reward points and travel support. We always send you straight to the hotel’s page on Agoda, to save you the trouble of further searching.

Please note: whether you make a booking directly with a hotel or through Agoda, Lanka Hideaways is not a party to your booking agreement. For more information, please see our terms and conditions

Who manages my booking?

Whether you make a reservation through the hotel’s own website or via Agoda, we believe it’s always best to contact the hotel directly to confirm or manage any hotel reservation in Sri Lanka. In our experience, this is the easiest way to avoid confusion and to ensure your queries are answered swiftly. All of our hotel listings include a website link, where you’ll find contact details. Note that, while most hotels will have an email address for reservations, telephone calls are the preferred means of communication in Sri Lanka and will often be the quicker way to get a response.

How do I use your promo codes?

We work hard to secure exclusive discounts and promo codes to use when you book directly with certain hotels in our collection. If we’ve negotiated a special offer with a particular property, you’ll find the promo code listed beneath the ‘check availability’ button on the listing page, as well as the benefit you’ll get for using it. Simply copy or make a note of this code and enter it on the checkout page of the hotel’s booking system.

Why do you partner with Agoda?

If we haven’t negotiated an exclusive discount with a hotel in our collection, we recommend that you make your booking via Agoda. While the Internet abounds with booking websites, in our experience as travellers, Agoda offers the best all-round service when it comes to arranging hotel stays in Sri Lanka.

Best prices – guaranteed

Agoda offers a best-price guarantee. If you can find the same room for the same dates at a lower price elsewhere, Agoda will match the rate or give you credit towards a future booking. Book through Agoda and you know you’re getting the best deal out there.

Get booking support

Agoda does more to make sure your trip goes off without a hitch. As well as putting you in direct contact with your hotel and making all of your important itinerary info available in the ‘Agoda Reception’, Agoda offers booking assistance by phone and email.

Earn cashback & air miles

Agoda gives cashback on many bookings as ‘AgodaCash’, which can be redeemed as credit for future hotel stays. You can also link a host of airline loyalty programs with your account to earn air miles on your bookings.

Unlock loyalty perks

Got a lot of trips in the pipeline? Make more than five bookings with Agoda and you’ll be awarded VIP status, which unlocks special discounts and exclusive offers that apply to future bookings.

Do you get a referral commission?

If you use one of our promo codes when you make a direct booking, we receive a small commission from the hotel. This does not increase the rate that you pay. It also does not influence our decision to recommend a hotel, as all commission agreements and promo codes are negotiated only after we have decided to feature a property.

As an affiliate partner, Agoda also pays a small commission for every booking we generate. Most booking websites operate similar affiliate programs and our decision to partner with Agoda is based primarily on our belief that it offers the best service of all the booking websites.

Note: we never promote hotels in exchange for payment and we only ever feature hotels that we’ve tried and loved.

Any questions?

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